RDX Neoprene Shin Guard / Instep (CE Certified by SATRA) MMA / Muay Thai

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Brand: RDX


  • CE certified and approved by SATRA
  • Unique stretchy material to ensure a secure fit
  • The shock-absorbing technology fully protects from injury
  • Exclusive reinforced stitching ensures maximum durability and resilience
  • Offers security for your shin and instep with the impact distributing material

Publisher: RDX

Details: When the world's leading research and testing lab approves your shin guards, you KNOW you're in good hands. Train martial arts, MMA, or Muay Thai kick boxing using RDX's Neoprene gel shin pads with Instep foot protectors are made to withstand punishment! CE Certified and SATRA approved, the leg guards are entirely made using NEO-1 coupled with RG tech to retain the pad's position. The shin guards include shock-absorbing Intellimem padding to ensure ultimate protection coupled with FL-Stitch technology to ensure extreme resilience and durability while P-fit system coupled with MMT ensures thermal regulation, ventilation and moisture expulsion.


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