RDX Shin & Knee Guard / Instep / Shinpad -MMA / Muay Thai / Kickboxing

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Brand: RDX 


  • EVA padding is backed by Supremo-Shock foam in the knee to offer comfort and shock-absorbency in the knee cap when defending, eating, or throwing a shot
  • Shock dissipating EVA padding slab shields the shins against impact when checking, absorbing or throwing leg kicks - perfect for Muay Thai kickboxing or MMA training
  • This protective leg also offers a foot instep. Simply feed the foot through and cover the entire leg in Champion Armour
  • Hosiery wicks skin, offers compressional feel, and is designed as a slip. Ease and elasticity make this product a very convenient and efficient one
  • Quick-Ez hook & loop easily straps on. Get in there, dominate knowing you're covered in Champion Armour

Publisher: RDX

Details: If combat is your thing, then you're no stranger to training injuries. Most of them can be career ending, life changing, or routine spoiling. Either way, why take unnecessary damage in an already demanding sport? Doesn't matter if you're a beginner, amateur or pro - safety ought to be your first priority. We say protect it ALL. These Leg Protectors offer shock-absorbent defense from knee-to-toe. Compressed padding in all impact landing areas of the leg are protected using compressed EVA foam padding that breaks down shock-impact for protection. Train smarter, and for much longer with reduced risk of injury.


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